June Daily Art Challenge!

Day 1: Spring Cleaning

Day 2: Green City

Day 3: resilience

Day 4: Pride

Day 5: bloom

Day 6: Ride

Day 7: thunder

Day 8: early bird

Day 9: midnight choir

Day 10: cool summer breeze

Day 11: delayed

Day 12: birdsong

Day 13: night lights

Day 14: smoke

Day 15: busy bee

Day 16: window

Day 17: course correction

Day 18: smelter

Day 19: Juneteenth

Day 20: repetition

Day 21: summer solstice

Day 22: Treaty

Day 23: escape

Day 24: porch pirate

Day 25: bubbles

Day 26: Lego

Day 27: shark

Day 28: resilience

Day 29: flowing

Day 30: brass

It’s June.
30 days of Spring and Summer….
Time for a daily art challenge!
Play along and post your art #juneartchallenge
(and tag me @dianafred.art)
Goal: 30 days of art practice
Guidelines: Check out the prompt, make some art, share it if you feel like it.
Any media, any technique, Choose your own adventure!